Activities report 2006



5/04 Gate Way to Africa

Under Constraction

4/23 Japan-Africa BBQ party

Japan-Africa BBQ party at Berbecue park at Kasai Rinkai Park

4/16 Mio YAMAZAKI lecture

Mio YAMAZAKI lecture "Kenya〜South Africa traveling along by bicycle"
Place:Yoyogi Olympic Center

4/9 JAYN Kanto region bord directors meeting

Time:PM 16:00-18:30 PM
Special guest Kawamura from SCN-Student Conference Network
During the meeting, students from Kenya/Gabon/Uganda participated

4/9 The 2nd Meeting in JAYN-Kansai

Date:4/9 19:00~22:00

  1. About hosting Kansai-Africa Fest.
  2. About broadcasting of JAYN
  3. About G.W Event

4/3 JAYN Extraordinary Session

Participants:Mio YAMASAKI, Mayuko Shigeta, Nyonjo, Ouattara, Go OYAMA, Naomi HASEGAWA, Chie GOTO
JAYN talked some groups for colaborating.
JAYN talked some students abroad from Kenya,Tanzania,Uganda for colaborating.



3/31 The 2nd Kansai Africa exchange party

 1st Kansai-Africa exchange party

Place: Meeting room @Kureo Osaka
Organized by Naomi
Jayn-Kansai Menbers: Go Oyama, Naomi Hasegawa, Kosida Hiroko,Yasuhiro Yamase Other Menmbers: 11 students (10 students from Osaka Women Univ. , 5member from Osaka univ. of foreign Studies)
Time schedule
19:30〜explanation of JAYN by Go Oyama
20:00〜Game & Introducing each other
20:30〜chatting with small members

3/24 Planing photos exibition

Planing Naoko SAKURAGI's(who is a board member, photographer) photos exibition

3/10 Dinner with Mr.Ishitani,the Adviser of JAYN.

3/04 JAYN Volunteer activity

3/04 The 1st Kansai Africa exchange party

 1st Kansai-Africa exchange party

We held the 1st Kansai-Africa exchange party at Umeda in Osaka, Japan.
It was very excited! 14 members joined.
Sponsorship:JAYN-Kansai Go& Naomi



2/26 JAYN Chubu Board of directors meeting


2/18 JAYN The 1st Board of directors meeting



1/04 Nagoya conference

1/01 Establishment of JAYN Japan-Africa Youth Network


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